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2014-05-052014-04-14 international tender S/s 108/nt/2014design ,supply of plant & equipment , civilworks construction electrical instaallation testing commissing and training of Basmaya electrical service project ( tow (2) main substation 132/33k.v GIS - six (6) terminal S/s 132/33 k.v GIS TWENTY FOUR (24Trnsmission Projects 1
NO extension
2014-05-012014-04-01 international tender S/s 108/NT/2014design , supply of plant & equpiment , civil works construction , electrical installation , testing , commissioning and training of BASMAYAH electrical service project.( tow (2) main substaion 132/33 k.v,GIS - six (6) terminal substations 33/11 k.vTrnsmission Projects 2
NO extension
2014-04-272014-03-23 import tender T.L 88/NT/2014manufacture,test,supply and shipment of hardwae fitting for 132&400 k.v overhead transmission lineTrnsmission Projects 3
NO extension
2014-04-032014-03-19 91/nt/2014 S/s (extension)design , supply of plant & equpment civel works construction training and suppervission of (three ) new 132/133 k.v GIS S/s at ( Alkarmah west - Alkut west north - Jalawla)Trnsmission Projects 4
NO extension
2014-04-202014-03-18 79/nt/2014 S/sdesign , supply of plsant & equipment, civil works construction, training and supervision of 400/132/11/k.v al-kesek substationTrnsmission Projects 5
NO extension
0000-04-202014-03-06 international tender S/s 79/nt/2014design , supply of plant & equipment , civil works construction , training and supervision of 400/132/11 k.v al-kesek substationTrnsmission Projects 6
NO extension
2014-03-272014-02-25 THE import tender T.L 85/nt/2014Manufacture , test , supply and shipment of ACSR 490/65 teal and dorking conductors for 132 & 400 k.v overhead transmission linesTrnsmission Projects 7
NO extension
2014-03-302014-02-25 the import tender T.L 87/nt/2014Manufacture , test , supply and shipment of toughened glass insulator for 132 & 400 k.v overhead transmission linesTrnsmission Projects 8
NO extension
2014-03-232014-02-18 The import tender T.L 86/nt/2014Manufacture , test supply and shipment of steel tower for 132 , 400 k.v overhead transmission linesTrnsmission Projects 9
NO extension
2014-03-202014-02-09 announcement of the international tender s/s 91/nt/2014Design, Supply of plant ,equipment, civil works construction, training and supervision of seven (3) new 132/33 k.v Gis substations at (ALKARMAH WEST-ALKUT WEST NORTH, JALAWLA)Trnsmission Projects 10
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