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About Ministry

The Iraqi ministry of electricity was established in 2003 after being a body since 1999. It witnessed different work stages which led to the development of its divisions both in number and level, and to the enhancement of power production. The ministry has worked in a challenging circumstances and faced innumerable obstacles during the past years, which hindered the implementation of its strategic plans, such as terrorism and the ceaseless acts of sabotagingthe infrastructure andfacilities of the ministry. The sabotaging acts started in the second half of 2014 in the following provinces:

Nineveh, Salah AL-Deen, Anbar,Diala, Kirkuk and also the suburban of Babylon and Baghdad.

The damage in the three sectors of the ministry (production,transmission and distribution) in these governorates reached 90% with a cost of 9.5 billion dollars. The ministry has specialized programs and systems to follow up the percentage of achievement and development. Furthermore, the ministry also implement the standers and the requirements of safety and healthy environment. The development of power sector in Iraq has witnessed countless stumbling blocks such as: security and economic instability, fuel type, financial shortage, over loads and the excessive power consumption.