Dr. Loay Hamid Jawad ALKhatib the minister of ministry of Electricity in the Republic of  Iraq . Mr. ALKhatib born in Baghdad in 1968 is married and has four sons .

He occupied the position of The head of Iraqi Energy Institute ( London ) Fellow in Center on Global Energy policy in Columbia university (New York )and Fellow and researcher in foreign policies and energy security in Brookings institution ( Washington ) .

He has more than 25 years experience in business management and making general policies, He gained this experience by occupying senior administrative and consultative positions in international institutions and global companies specialized in the fields of oil, energy, banking and consultation.

At present he is working on two books the first is a contrastive study for the federal systems concerning making the Energy policies the second is review for the Iraqi economic mainstream under the petroleum policy after 2003.

Mr. ALKhatib is a germinant guest at the global universities intellectual institutions and prominent media to talk about energy security economy and policy in the middle East.

His works were published in the global magazines and Academic periodicals like (Foreign Affairs),( New York Times ),( National interest ) , (Huffington Post) , ( Petroleum Economist) Brookings and Harvard and Columbia …  etc 

He got his Kingston university, he also got his PhD from Exeter university (UK)