The opening of the Baiji transformer station (132/400) KV, and the introduction of the high pressure line (Baiji - Kirkuk)

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On behalf of the Minister of Electricity, Dr. Luay Al-Khatib, and in the presence of the Governor of Saladin, Mr. Ammar Jaber, and a number of security leaders and officials, Mr. Khalid Ghazzai, Director General of the General Company for Electric Power Transmission in the Northern Region, inaugurated on Tuesday 25/6/2019 (400 kV) and the ultra-high voltage transmission line (Baiji-Kirkuk) (400 KV) in the Baiji district of Salah al-Din Governorate.

This project is one of the first completed projects in the Republic of Iraq, since the work was done by self-effort by the Ministry of Electricity, which was the monopoly of foreign companies, and was completed this project of raw materials available in warehouses and backup materials for some of the destroyed stations.

The Director-General, speaking about the importance of the Baiji transformative plant and the Baiji-Kirkuk line, which was destroyed by the military operations, said that our crews had started with great vigor and self-help and exceptional efforts despite the obstacles of work from the lack of materials and financial allocations to rehabilitate the electric transmission line (400 km), 120 km long, and 198 towers, almost completely destroyed. As the areas were remote, the efforts were exceptional and great by our staff to complete the work in record time.

Eng. Khalid Ghazzai said that our engineering and technical staffs were able to do their own work on a daily basis during the official holidays and during the holy month of Ramadan, to complete the project of installing Baiji Station (400 KV) and 250 mva in the district of Baiji, The project is unique in Iraq as it is innovative from the stage of planning, implementation and achievement, which will contribute with linking it to the Baiji-Kirkuk line, increasing the processing hours in Salah al-Din governorate, as well as increasing reliability and stability and providing an alternative source for processing. Power of the governorates of Saladin and Ninewa, and processing of us S Tikrit and Baiji district and Shirqat city hand pilgrims, electric power service to the residents of these areas, in addition to the permanent population and the security stability.

Engineer Ghazi praised the staff of his engineering and technical company for their efforts and blessed them for this great achievement which will benefit the energy system and increase its stability and reliability and the absence of fire on the areas covered.